Rain Tree Antiques & Consignments hosting Jan. 4 open house



Charlie Callahan has opened Rain Tree Antiques in Hoschton.

Charlie Callahan has opened Rain Tree Antiques in Hoschton. See LeAnne Akin’s photo gallery from inside the shop below.



Rain Tree Antiques & Consignments is now open in the historic gas station in Hoschton, and a grand opening is set for Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Charlie Callahan, who currently has four vendors with him inside Rain Tree Antiques, selected the name of his business enterprise because of the special memories he has of growing on the lake in North Arkansas where the Rain Tree Inn was located. His logo even featured a tire swing hanging from the tree. Growing up in rural Arkansas has fond memories for the man who bought his first antique piece at 19. His parents were big collectors but he was the only one of their four boys who got caught by the same fever.

After 30 years of going to antique shows including Lakewood for 18 years and Don Scott’s for six years in addition to being on the road for shows in Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia, Callahan decided it was time for his own place and the 1925 vintage station at 3699 Highway 53 is where he is setting up shop.

Rain Tree Antiques & Consignments sells wholesale to dealers and is also known for craftsmanship of repurposing furniture pieces. The Facebook page shows some of Callahan’s work which includes transforming a sad, past-its-prime cabinet into a fine work of art. Callahan can see the deep down beauty of a piece and what it can become whether it’s a wine cabinet crafted from a china cabinet or a bench repurposed from an old bed frame.

“We have space for another five or six vendors,” said Callahan, who acknowledges he is particular about the type of pieces he consigns. “I don’t take junk.”

His glass cabinets are filled with treasures including a 1944 Iranian class ring and a unique piece of pottery handmade by an English company. He has military pieces, a baby Hoosier cabinet and collectible glassware.

Oak and mahogany furniture is available in the “as found” room where you can select a piece you’d like to paint yourself or take advantage of the painting and refurnishing services at Rain Tree which include pickup and delivery for consignment pieces.

Karen Murphy has her Eclections at Rain Tree. A professional decorator, Murphy works with families to bring primitives into their home or decorates to a family’s tastes and desires. She repurposes unique finds into chandeliers or displays gutted vintage clocks as artwork. Her rooms inside Rain Tree showcase her talents.

For the grand opening, there will be food and beverages.

Rain Tree Antiques & Consignments will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and from noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday. Contact Charlie Callahan at 706-654-3019 or 678-617-8709 or email raintreeantiques@gmail.com Check out the Facebook page at Rain Tree Antiques.

Rain Tree Antiques &

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