Hawks force shutout over Hebron


After cleaning house with the departure of more than ten seniors, the Mill Creek High School boys’ soccer team is in a rebuilding stage but is seeing the fruits of their labor come to pass.

“We lost a lot of players last year so we are trying to find our identity as a team. It’s really starting to come around now; however, it’s very early in the season and I hope can we can continue to improve but I am pleased with the way things are going so far,” said head coach Sean Garnett.

The Hawks have opened the season 2-0 and are doing so with a handful of youngsters on its roster. Mill Creek has five freshmen on the varsity squad, two of which Diego and Ernando Manrique. The Manrique twins are identical in their features but have two totally different styles of play.

“I’m playing them at a different position then what they play on their club team so they have to get used to that; they are true soccer players and true soccer players can play at any position,” stated Garnett.

The Hawks played host to Hebron High School and made a lot of noise all night long. Nearly ten minutes into the match, Waldyr Pierre-Louis aced the first goal of the match. Billy Johnson notched the second score on the night to bring Mill Creek up 2-nil. With a 3-0 lead, Hebron made an adjustment at the goalie position; once Joey Redman came on the scene, the Lions were roaring to a different tune. Redman made a couple of remarkable saves, including one from a penalty kick. However, Chris Schuetz would be the first to break Redman’s streak in the second half.

“I think we were making a lot of subs and they had to get used to playing with each other on the field. There were a lot of guys that have not had a lot of playing time so they were working their nerves out. Once they started feeling more comfortable they were able to move the ball around a little bit [more],” Garnett said.

The Hawks emptied most of the bench which is always a good sign.

“If we can get everyone in that’s a great day. That gives them an opportunity to show [what they can do] and what’s nice is all of those guys did well tonight,” said Garnett.