Commission maintains two monthly meeting schedule for now


At least for now, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners will continue to meet on the first Monday of the month for its work session with the business meeting coming two weeks later.

For Commissioner Chas Hardy, that gives time after initial discussion at the work session to come up with compromise and solutions.

The board was considering Chairman Tom Crow’s proposal to have only one meeting a month. He suggested a work session to be held 30 to 45 minutes before the regularly scheduled meeting on the third Monday of the month for discussion of the agenda items in advance of voting session. Items not ready for a vote would be delayed until the next meeting or a called session could be held.

“I kind of like the schedule we have now,” said Hardy, who pointed out that press coverage of the work session often prompts citizens to contact him with input which he finds valuable.

Commissioner Bruce Yates said the two meetings give citizens the opportunity to have additional contact with the entire board. He said the transparency that commission currently has may be diminished if there is less contact with the citizenry.

Commissioner Jim Hix made a motion to postpone a decision since some commissioners have concerns about reducing the number of meetings.