Science Night at Jefferson Academy gives hands-on experiences


Alexis Charles uses the Airzooka to knock down a stack of cups.


At Jefferson Academy, learning isn’t limited to school hours. In fact, more than 500 people were expected to participate in an after-hours science extravaganza during the school’s Science Night on Tuesday, Jan. 29.

Jefferson Academy, with the help of the Northeast Georgia Regional Educational Service Agency, invited students and their friends and families to participate in about 15 experiments, exhibits and activities for the sake of learning.

Friction, density, erosion and force were investigated, and students were given the opportunity to interact with magnets and polymers for science-related fun.

According to Jefferson Academy principal DeMaris Gurley, more than 500 people came to last year’s science night, and even more were expected this year.

“We usually have a huge turnout,” Gurley said. “The reason [students] like it so much is because it’s so engaging; anything a child can put their hands on and truly touch and interact with truly benefits them.”

Jefferson Academy has been hosting a Science Night for more than five years, so planners know which experiments and exhibits are the usual favorites. After an overwhelming number of students waiting to get into the star lab last year, teachers were ready this year, requiring students to get a ticket for a specific time frame.

Student Sean Davis admits he has more fun learning science at Science Night than in class, and when a teacher ask if he wished to do similar activities in class, his answer was a resounding “Yes.”

Science Night at Jefferson Academy

[img src=]230
Fourth grader Ella Blakely is making a wingless paper airplane with the help of teacher Lori Gunter.
[img src=]90
Teacher Tabitha Riley is measuring Shamiah Allen to find out if she is a square.
[img src=]50
Sean Davis learns to properties of a polymer.
[img src=]30
Grindle is experimenting with polymers made by JA teachers.
[img src=]60
group of students learn about density in liquids.
[img src=]40
Charles uses the Airzooka to knock down a stack of cups.
[img src=]40
Margo Perry and Makenna Lay use magnets to get through a maze.
[img src=]60
Kade Morgan tests the waters during the experiment "Float Your Boat."
[img src=]50
Fernanda Victoria learns about force by flipping spoons.
[img src=]40
Harley Blackbur leans the properties of polymers while making plastic.
[img src=]40
Carolyn Walk and John Morgan Kinney take a break from identifying smells in the "Yummy Smelling Bee."
[img src=]60
Brothers Brett and Brock Brush take the "Chain Challenge."
[img src=]50
Kindergartner Stedman Windham is visiting science night with his brothers and is learning about force in "Don't Lose Your Marbles."