Young Harris signs 2 Hawks to play lacrosse


The Mill Creek High School lacrosse team is only in its third season and is already sending players to compete at the next level. Alex Schneider and Will Peek have signed to play lacrosse at Young Harris College. Both noted their experiences as far as being recruited and what it means to extend their playing days in the sport they love.

“It was pretty cool; it was a great experience. It was stressful at times [though],” stated Peek.

“Young Harris was my first Division II offer so that is what I wanted to go with,” said Schneider.

Peek and Schneider agreed that signing early allows them more time to focus on helping the Hawks working toward their first state championship.

“I’m really happy to have my decision made; now I can focus on this season,” said Peek.

“Having to figure out what college you want to play at is something I didn’t want to have worry about the second semester of my senior year. I just want to know where I’m going,” said Schneider.

Both athletes had different recruiting trails; while Peek enlisted help from a family member.

Top: Peek and Schneider(above) are two of the captains on the Mill Creek lacrosse team. Peter Schneider/For the Paper.a family member, Schneider turned to other experts for advice in a field that his family is unfamiliar with.

“I sought advice from my aunt. She works at a private high school and works with some of the athletes that are trying to get to college to play,” Peek stated.

“My parents are from England so they have never dealt with going to college. The recruiting process was very new to them so I got advice from [a few] coaches. I also talked to some other kids that play lacrosse in Gwinnett County and got some advice from them,” stated Schneider.

It will be quite some time before both play in their first collegiate came but Peek and Schneider can already envision what their first moment on the field will feel like. Schneider is especially aware of the fact that he will have to work hard for such a coveted position which will make his first save very memorable.

“It’s something I have dreamed about all my life so I know it will be an incredible moment,” Peek stated.

“There will be a sense of pride, especially since I play goalie; it’s a spot I have to earn because I will be the only one out there,” Schneider stated. The opportunity to play at the next level is exciting.”