Kirk Cameron, Warren Barfield at ‘Love Worth Fighting For’ event in Watkinsville


When Kirk Cameron steps onto the stage Saturday night at the “Love Worth Fighting For” event scheduled for Watkinsville, he says he hopes his audience is more than people struggling to keep their marriage alive. The television and movie star knows from experience the advice, music and humor shared at the conferences will benefit people in all stages of life.

Cameron, along with musical guest Warren Barfield will take part in this event, sponsored by Feed Your Faith at Prince Avenue Baptist Church in Watkinsville at 6 p.m. on Feb. 9.“During these Love Worth Fighting For events, we focus on all areas of personal and spiritual relationships and truly seek to help people in all stages of life – from teenagers, and single adults to newly married couples and longtime spouses,” said Cameron.

“We are excited to share this event with the people of the Watkinsville area,” added Cameron. “Those attending will be a part of something very special, as we will turn the movie into a live experience.”

“We hope people will come and have fun,” said Cameron, “There will be music, humor, personal stories and Biblical insight on marriage. This would be a homerun date night for you and your spouse. We want to give you tools to learn how to learn to fight together for your marriage.”

Cameron says couples may struggle with problems of the heart because we are all selfish at heart.

“Selfishness is the root of it all,” he said. Thinking of yourself before others is a hard monster to slay.

“You have to have an overhaul of your own heart; don’t just throw in the towel and walk away,” said Cameron. Striving to be more like Christ and being a reflection of heaven means forgiving your mate when you’ve been hurt or feel you have been disrespected. Rather than being bitter and making that person pay, a spouse should remember that Christ laid down His life for you to have forgiveness. A loving spouse will follow His example and forgive.

“Invest in your children’s future by giving them a lifetime of allowing them to se what a committed couple looks like,” said Cameron.

The tour is making more than 30 stops across the country including events in Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas and Georgia.

Tickets range from $20 to $35 each and are available as reserved seats or general admission for singles, couples and groups of 10 or more.

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