Shaw reaches 1,000 point milestone


Trevon Shaw will be the leader for the Hawks as they take on Collins Hill High School in the first round of the region tournament. Foster Peters/For the Paper.

Senior Trevon Shaw has entered his name into the record books at Mill Creek High School by becoming the first player in school history to score 1,000 points.

Shaw said he had no idea that he was on the brink of such a grand achievement yet his partner in crime Elijah Bryant must have been keeping a stat sheet of his own for Shaw, as he was the one who delivered the good news.

“It happened at an away game at Habersham Central [High School]. Elijah told me I was close to reaching 1,000 points leading up to that game. When he told me that I was going to be the first person in the history of Mill Creek to do it, they ran plays for me to try and make it happen,” said Shaw. “I only needed six more points and all it took was two quick 3-pointers. To this day I don’t know how Elijah knew that.”

Shaw doesn’t take the achievement lightly, especially after considering all the great Hawks players who have gone on to do great things at the Creek and beyond.

“It’s a big deal. I’m the only person to score that many points here. There have been great players that have played here before me and I’m glad to be above that kind of company,” said Shaw.

Shaw admitted that he wasn’t always dapper on the court; he had more skills playing among guys in a pick-up game than in an organized basketball game.

“When I came here, I was an out-of-control basketball player. I knew how to play street ball until I met Coach [Chad] Rodgers. He helped me shoot in the mornings and after practice,” said Shaw. “At first I couldn’t even shoot that well to be honest and now I’m one of the top shooting guards in the county and in the state and I appreciate the coaching staff for that.”

After a little bit of sprucing up, it didn’t take Shaw long to show he had exceptional skills.

“Upon entering my sophomore year, I realized that I could really shoot the ball and really stretch the defense. What I needed was more confidence shooting the ball. I used to shoot and then if I missed a shot, I wouldn’t shoot the ball again,” Shaw said.

Shaw has excelled in every area on the court but there is something special about shooting from behind the arc that gives him an extra boost of confidence and keeps the fans on their feet.

“I’m comfortable shooting 2- and 3-pointers but, I’d rather shoot the 3 because it puts more points on the board,” stated Shaw. “I gain more confidence when I shoot the 3…once I shoot a couple of those, I feel like I’m unstoppable.”

Shaw has set the bar high for future shooting guards and while he wants the team to continue their success after he’s gone, he made it very clear that he does not want to surrender his accomplishment.

“I don’t want anyone to break my record,” said Shaw.