Rachel Anderson spells her way to county bee championship


Participants in the 2013 Jackson County Schools’ spelling bee held Feb. 1.

By KATIE JUSTICE, kjustice@clickthepaper.com

East Jackson Middle School student Rachel Anderson is now a C-H-A-M-P-I-O-N, after winning the Jackson County School System Spelling Bee, held Friday, Feb. 1.

Anderson beat out nine other Jackson County students, one from each middle and elementary school, to earn the right to represent the district at the regional bee.

The rules of the competition were each student would be given a word, and should they misspell it, they would be eliminated. However, once only two competitors remains, the rules change. Once a competitor misspells a word, the remaining speller must have correctly spelled the word missed by the other player and correctly spell a new word.

The elementary and middle school students faced words like “gourmet,” “jubilant,” “limbo” and “puree.”

West Jackson Middle School’s Brandon Causey came in second and will serve as the district’s alternate.

Once down to the final two spellers, both Causey and Anderson misspelled “accrued,” giving both players a second chance to win. However, Causey then misspelled “allocation,” which Anderson was able to spell correctly. She then spelled “technician” for the win, and sealed her fate as the district champ.

In addition to Causey from West Jackson coming in second, Aram Gallman from West Jackson Intermediate School placed third. He was the final elementary school student remaining in the competition, and was eliminated with the word “desperately.” Gallman was on the right path, but seemed to trip himself up when he restarted spelling the word.