Police report


Jefferson Police

Thefts, burglaries, missing property

A woman was questioned Jan. 24 at Dollar General after being seen putting merchandise into her pants. Officer Chris Baldwin, who had previously arrested Sandi Dermessiah Hill, 41, of Jefferson, reported that Hill gave him a false name just as she had done previously. She was charged with theft by taking and giving a false name to police. The store employee said they have been attempted to catch the suspect, who had previously been identified in other shoplifting attempts. The store described her as a notorious shoplifter.

The investigation continues into a fraud case in which a Braselton man reported someone cashed a check for $1,000 on Jan. 17 and a $2,500 check on Jan. 16 at his credit union. The identity theft occurred after the man’s vehicle was entered in Oakwood and credit and ID information was stolen.

A Jefferson Walk Circle resident reported the theft of his 1998 Honda Civic from his driveway overnight on Jan. 22-23. There was no glass in the driveway and the owner had both sets of car keys.

A Lawrenceville man reported the theft of his 2008 Toyota Corolla from the Pendergrass Flea Market parking lot. The man had loaded a compressor into the car around 2:45 p.m. and when he returned just after 4 p.m., the car was gone. The man’s dog was also inside the vehicle.

A vendor at the gun show held Jan. 19 at the Jefferson Civic Center reported someone took all but $35 in one-dollar bills from his $400 earnings located in a black box in his vehicle. The theft occurred just before 4 p.m.

A money clip holding approximately $180 in cash, business cards, a federal duck stamp and temporary driver’s papers was reported missing Jan. 21 after the man went to the Shell station on Athens Street.


A mother contacted police Jan. 23 after a woman whose bond conditions include being nowhere around her victim was at the Jefferson Middle School gym where the victim and other family members were playing basketball. When the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office was unable to locate paperwork to confirm the bond conditions, the complainant took her children from the location.

A Winder man wanted on a probation warrant was taken into custody Jan. 22 after he fled from the State Board of Pardons and Parole office. When officers arrived to take custody of the man, he left the building and ran into the woods when officers yelled for him to stop. After a brief search, the K9 unit located Ashley Lamar Cameron, 40, who was transported to the hospital in a med unit after his encounter with the K9.

Georgia Power was notified after traffic signals on Highway 129 North were out from the Interstate 85 exit ramp to H.D. Robinson Boulevard on Jan. 23. a fire in an electrical box was the culprit but fire personnel was not needed.

A Cross Ridge Estates resident reported suspicious activity in the area on Jan. 19. A vehicle had been entered, a mailbox had been knocked down and neighbors reported stolen property. A new set of hand trucks were located down the road and are now in the evidence room at the police department.

Police located a glass jar containing marijuana at a location near the Jefferson Recreation Department on Jan. 19. Information was received about the marijuana which was to be sold at a party. Police are investigating the case.

After police went to the Springbrook Court home of an individual who was a party to the marijuana case on a followup, the Jefferson resident was taken into custody Jan. 20 after Barrow County confirmed a bad check warrant.

A Jefferson vehicle owner reported damage to her 2010 Jeep Commander. The damage was reported Jan. 23.

A Jefferson resident reported her purse was stolen Jan. 22 while she was shopping at Kroger. She was advised to cancel the debit cards and notify police if charges were made on the cards before cancellation.

A burglary or theft attempt was reported Jan. 18 outside ABC Pawn on Lee Street. Someone had apparently forced down a truck window to gain entry. Nothing was reported missing but an alarm call was reported several days earlier which may be related.

Fights and disputes

A Jefferson resident reported a battery incident that occurred at a Cheatham Bluff location several days earlier. The woman had a black eye but said she did not notify police when the incident occurred during an argument because she feared police would believe the suspect’s story and take her to jail.

A fight was reported Jan. 19 in the parking lot along Brooklyn Chase. When officers arrived, those involved in the fight had left. One man on the scene indicated there had been a fight but no one was hurt and no property damage occurred. He said he did not desire a report unless the parties returned. Later that evening, one of the individuals apparently involved in the fight requested a medical unit at a Hog Mountain Road location. She and her boyfriend described the situation but was unsure who the two women involved in the battery were. The woman said she was attempting to defend her mother but was unsure why the fight occurred.

A neighbor dispute was reported on Jan. 18 on Ivey Street. A woman complained of name-calling of her granddaughter by two men.

Medical-related calls

A Commerce couple reported their son had been bitten on the finger by a rat at M&M Pet Store on Jan. 21. When the family sought medical attention at the hospital, they were advised their family medical coverage would not be accepted but that they should file a police report as the store was liable for the child’s injury.

A woman who reported she tripped on the stairs at a Railroad Street apartment on Jan. 18 was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center complaining of hip and leg injuries.

Police responded to a Laurel Oak Lane location where a man who had been complaining of flu-like symptom was found dead. The coroner’s office was notified.

Traffic-related charges

A driver clocked at 89 mph in a 55 mph zone on Damon Gause Parkway on Jan. 27 was charged with reckless driving and speeding.

Another driver stopped for traveling 75 mph in the same area on Jan. 26 was charged with speeding and driving under the influence.

A driver stopped Jan. 26 on Damon Gause Parkway for no tail lights was taken into custody on a warrant from Wilcox County.

A vehicle going 78 mph in a 55 mph zone along Damon Gause Parkway was stopped Jan. 19. The 18-year-old driver smelled of alcohol and was in possession of two driver’s license. After a failed roadside sobriety test, the driver was charged with DUI alcohol – less safe, possession of alcoholic beverages under age 21 and speeding.

A driver stopped for a window tint violation on I-85 on Jan. 23 was also charged with driving while license is suspended. The female said she only had a Texas ID card but a search of the vehicle located a Maryland driver’s license which was suspended.

A driver stopped Jan. 21 on the Damon Gause Parkway for a seat belt violation was taken into custody on a probation violation warrant from Madison County.

A driver clocked Jan. 24 traveling 56 mph in a 35 mph zone on Old Pendergrass Road was charged with speeding and driving while unlicensed.

A vehicle that ran out of gas Jan. 26 along Damon Gause Parkway was towed when an officer learned the vehicle was uninsured.

A driver involved in a Jan. 19 wreck in the parking lot of Pendergrass Flea Market was cited for driving while unlicensed and no proof of insurance.

A one-car accident was reported Jan. 23 on Athens Highway at Galilee Church Road when a deer ran out in front of a driver.

A two-car mishap was reported Jan. 19 in the civic center parking lot. A Jan. 20 two-car wreck was investigated in the Bell’s parking lot and a Jan. 21 wreck in the Kroger parking lot was probed. No injuries were reported in the three wrecks.

A driver struck a deer on Old Pendergrass Road at Plantation Drive on Jan. 26.

A two-vehicle mishap was investigated Jan. 25 on Peachtree Road.

Braselton Police

A Bald Cypress Drive resident reported her mailbox knocked down on Jan. 21.

A vehicle abandoned on Interstate 85 South was towed on Jan. 20..

Just after midnight on Jan. 23, a vehicle turning onto Highway 211 from the Chateau Élan entrance was pulled over for failing to maintain lane, and the driver was arrested on charges of driving under the influence.

On Jan. 24, while assisting Hall County Sheriffs Office with a warrant service, a Braselton officer discovered a four-wheeler that was previously listed as stolen. The suspect’s sister told officers he had bought the four-wheeler and showed a bill of sale. However, the man was arrested for an active warrant and theft by receiving stolen property.

A Jan. 25 attempted burglary was reported at a Braselton antique store. A glass pane was busted near the door and there were pry marks near the deadbolt lock, but nothing appeared missing from the store.

On Jan. 25, an incident involving a man pointing a gun another person after an incident involving road rage was reported on Thompson Mill Road. No one involved wished to press charges and the individuals all shook hands and hugged before going their separate ways.

A driver who ran a red-light on Highway 211 was arrest Jan. 26 for driving under the influence and was also charged with failure to maintain lane, passing traffic within the median, failure to obey a traffic control device and failing to apply for a new license within 60 days after a change of address.

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

Owners of a Lavender Road residence returned to their property on Jan. 27 to find all the appliances stolen and the building damaged.

A Highway 53 resident reported prescription pills stolen from her home while she was at church on Jan. 27. She told deputies believes the suspect is someone she knows because they knew where she kept her medication, and nothing else was stolen.

A Jan. 28 verbal dispute was reported on Highway 124 between a man and his son, who had gotten out of jail that day. The argument over the son running up the power bill.

A woman driving on Jackson Trail Road on Jan. 25 reported damage to her vehicle after hitting a deer.

On Jan. 26, a driver exiting Interstate 85 at exit 140 was pulled over for failure to maintain lane. The driver was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and not having a license after giving a fake one to the officer.

A driver hitting guard rails and unable to maintain his lane on Interstate 85 on Jan. 27 was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center for health problems.

On Jan. 26, a man was arrested for disorderly conduct at a Braselton home after a disagreement with his coworker, who was acting as his designated driver.

A Davenport Road resident complained Jan. 26 about his neighbor’s dogs entering his yard and harassing him and other people in the area.

Suspicious activity was reported Jan. 24 at a Whitfield Road home, but the individual at the residence turned out to be a man hired by the homeowner to make repairs.

A traffic stop conducted on a vehicle to notify the driver of a potential risk of a worn tire led to the arrest of the driver for an active warrant out of Clarke County on Jan. 24.

On Jan. 24, a man driving on Brockton Road without a license plate on his vehicle was arrested for operating an unregistered vehicle and having no proof of insurance.

Two horses were reported running loose along Brooks Road in Pendergrass on Jan. 24.

A woman reported suspicious activity outside her Holly Springs Road home on Jan. 24 after a wrecker parked in front of her home and men walked around her property. When she approached, one of the men ran away, and the other asked if she would like any of the vehicles on her property towed for scrap.

On Jan. 24, a Highway 60 resident reported suspicious activity when a man approached her about black-topping her driveway.

A Jan. 23 burglary was reported at a Brockton Road residence in Jefferson, and two gas chain saws were stolen.

A dispute was reported at a Will Clark Road residence in Jefferson between a woman and a man who had been living together. The two were separating and the woman feared when the man returned to retrieve the rest of his belongings he might take some of her stuff.

An employee of a John B. Brooks Road business reported a Jan. 23 dispute with his employer.

A driver pulled over for a suspended registration on Jan. 24 on Highway 53 in Braselton was arrested for also driving without insurance and on a Hall County warrant.

A Jan. 22 burglary at a Church Street Residence in Pendergrass led to the arrest of one of the suspects on a warrant from Hall County.

A possible accidental shooting was reported on Jan. 22 involving a Hoschton man. The man was cleaning a pistol which accidently discharged, with the bullet striking the man in the hand.

A Jan. 21 burglary was reported at a vacant Braselton home.

On Jan. 21, a damage report was filed after a woman staying at an Albert Drive residence had her tires cut for the second time.

Threats about shooting a neighbor’s dog were reported Jan. 21 between two residents of Huntington Trail.

A Jan. 21 complaint was filed about a dog continuously barking at a Redstone Road residence.

A P.J. Roberts Road resident reported a camera stolen from her home on Jan. 20.

On Jan. 19, a dispute was reported between a Jefferson man and his uncle and cousin over the man’s payment for splitting wood.

A man was arrested Jan. 20 for loitering/prowling at a Jackson Trail Road home.

On Jan. 19 a dispute was reported between an Old Pendergrass Road resident and three individuals on his property attempting to retrieve items left by a woman who had previously lived there.

A deputy reported his department-issued camera was missing on Jan. 18. It was returned by a citizen after it was either lost or dropped off the officer’s car.

On Jan. 19, a woman traveling on Highway 129 near Old Pendergrass Road was pulled over for being an immediate traffic hazard after almost running another car off the road. The driver was arrested for failure to maintain lane and driving under the influence of alcohol.

A car illegally passing another vehicle was pulled over along Wayne Poultry Road on Jan. 20. The driver was also found to be driving without insurance and was issued citations for the two charges.

On Jan. 20, a driver failing to maintain lane on Lanier Road in Pendergrass was pulled over and found to be driving without a license on her person. After giving the officer several different spellings of her name and stories as to where her license was, she was placed under arrest.

A driver passing the Hoschton City Square reported a dog chained to a tree on the square on Jan. 20. The dog had no collar or tags, and animal control was notified.

A driver returning home from a football game in Atlanta on Jan. 20 was pulled over on Highway 53 for failure to maintain lane. The driver was eventually arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.