Dike receives Win for Wyn Scholarship


From left to right: Tommy Scott, Patrick Dike and Stephanie Scott. Dike is the seventeenth recepient of the Win for Wyn Scholarship. Lisa Tarver/For the Paper.

Every year, thousands of high school students receive scholarships to help pursue their athletic or academic goals but linebacker Patrick Dike of the Mill Creek High School football team was awarded one that sets him apart from the rest.

“[On Jan. 13], we were privileged with the honor of presenting the 17th Win for Wyn Scholarship in seven years to Patrick Dike. He optimizes the strength, determination and character the scholarship stands for,” said Stephanie Scott.

Scott and her husband Coach Tommy, who coaches for Mill Creek, founded the scholarship after their son Wyn passed away just a month after his birth.

“It’s an honor to win it because of the story behind of it. I am honored that they see me in [such] a way. I was at a loss for words,” said Dike.

“I was pretty surprised that I won it; our coaches talk about all the leaders on the team and they respected me enough and they nominated me,” Dike said.

Dike receives $1,000 and it will be put to good use once his finalizes his plans for college. He is in the running for an academic and athletic scholarship and, while both are still in question, he has some closure in knowing he has a portion of the funds to get started.

“I got accepted to Georgia State so I am thinking about going down there. It’s all in their hands right now. If they want to offer me a scholarship, I will gladly take it,” said Dike.