Zion Church Road project cost coding questioned by chairman, commissioner


The EMS station under construction of Lewis Braselton Boulevard remains an issue as questions about the coding of aspects of the project to the Zion Church Road realignment project are being raised by Commission Chairman Tom Crow and Commissioner Dwain Smith.

Was some of the property acquired as a part of Zion Church Road realignment project really needed? Or was financial coding to the road project just a means of securing property for a new EMS station in West Jackson?

Those are among the questions County Commission Chairman Tom Crow has. He also questions why the West Jackson station has gotten priority over the Commerce EMS station.

After an advertisement appeared in another publication raising questions about spending on the new EMS station under construction off Lewis Braselton Road, County Manager Kevin Poe met with Chairman Crow. Questions of finger-pointing about the spending of $1.3 million, or as much as $1.6 million toward the EMS station, prompted concerns.

Poe said Chairman Crow and Commissioner Dwain Smith are offering a perspective on the situation to which he cannot really speak. The actions predate his employment.

Crow questions whether the property was actually needed for the road endeavor and raises the point of investment into a roadway which will enhance the future development potential of a private citizen’s adjacent land.

 “We didn’t need that much land for an EMS station,” says Crow.

See more on the story in the Jan. 24 print edition of The Paper.