JHS ready for new era with Hall


“You don’t replace T. McFerrin. You just try to carry on and conduct business the way he did.”

Those were the words of Ben Hall, who was officially named the head coach of the Jefferson High School football team. For the past four years, he was the offensive coordinator and helped the Dragons one of the most dangerous offensive teams in the country. Jefferson is known for having a potent offense with plenty of weapons and will look to keep that going into next season.

“I hired him four year ago and he did a great job for us as an offensive coordinator. He wanted the job and I was glad to recommend him,” said McFerrin.

Hall helped the Dragons have countless achievements, including five games with 40 points or more and three with 50 or more. Jefferson accumulated 3,483 rushing yards along with 2,638 passing yards. JHS established themselves through a number of different offensive schemes, including the triple option, which is thought among some to be the most difficult offense to run. Now, all eyes will be on Hall to see how he manages and leads his team in 2013.

Projected starting quarterback Evan Shirreffs says the hiring of Hall
didn’t come as a shocker and is excited to play in his offensive system
this year.

“I think we all expected Coach Hall to take over as head coach when
Coach McFerrin retired so I wasn’t very surprised that he got the job,”
said Shirreffs. “I’m very excited that he was chosen because he has
brilliant schemes and fits as a head coach very well. It doesn’t really
matter to me if the head coach deals with mostly offense or defense
because it takes both to win games. We may focus a little more on
offense, but I don’t think it will make much of a difference.”

With Jefferson being such a tight-nit group, it was pleasing to know
they promoted within instead of bringing in an unfamiliar face.

“I am pleased with the choice of Jefferson to promote within the program
because many players, including myself, are just starting to learn the
offensive plays and defense in depth. If we had hired a random coach,
the team would have to learn all new plays. I don’t really think that we
need to change much about our schemes,” Shirreffs said.

“Most of the players on the team are excited about Coach Hall taking
over as head coach. No one was very surprised or distracted by the
decision. I think we all are just ready to get to work again for next
season,” said Shirreffs.