January is National Mentoring Month: Consider mentor training


By KATIE JUSTICE, kjustice@clickthepaper.com

This month marks the 12th anniversary of January as National Mentoring Month. By definition, a mentor is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher or an influential supporter.

“Just sharing life experiences is a great and valuable asset,” said Lisa Stephens, executive director of Lindsay’s Legacy Mentoring.

Lindsay’s Legacy, a local mentoring organization, pairs students with mentors.

“Some of the simplest things we can do for people in our lives have the most importance and are the most lasting,” said Stephens.

“The mentoring program has made an enormous impact on my life. It has helped make me the person I am today,” said one Jackson County student who is a part of the program.

Mentors with Lindsay’s Legacy spend at least two hours a month with a student. What they do during those two hours is up to the mentor.

“Lindsay’s Legacy is friendship based. [Mentors] work on building relationships. The help the student be able to identify their strengths and build on the. They help [students] set goals and achieve their dreams,” Stephens said.

“[My mentor]’s taught me how to unlock my full potential, to set goals and accomplish them not matter what is thrown at me, and not to settle for the minimum in anything,” said the student.

In honor of Nation Mentoring Month, Lindsay’s Legacy is encouraging individuals to participate in a number of events. Today is “I Am a Mentor Day” on which mentors are encouraged to replace their Facebook photograph with a badge that reads “Mentoring Works. I Am a Mentor.” The badge is available on the Facebook pages of Lindsay’s Legacy and National Mentoring Month.

Thursday, Jan. 17, is “Thank Your Mentor Day” where individuals are encouraged to reach out to and thank those who have mentored or influenced them throughout their lives.

Additionally, Lindsay’s Legacy will have a number of upcoming mentor training sessions, which will begin on Jan. 17. These dates are available on www.lindsayslegacymentoring.org. To register, visit the website or contact Lisa Stephens by e-mail at lisa@LindsaysLegacyMentoring.org or by phone at 706-410-5525.