Miller shoots for big dreams and big three’s


Senior Nadiya Miller of the Mill Creek High School girls’ basketball team isn’t intimidated by anyone twice her size. She may not have the height to make aggressive moves inside but her shooting from the behind the arc has been killing her opponents so far this season.

“At first, I wasn’t a big 3-point shooter. When I moved up to varsity I started shooting 3-pointers. I was really small and I couldn’t get inside so I stay outside,” said Miller.

It’s inevitable that Miller gets the ball when she is open and it fuels the fire in her to deliver from the toughest spot on the court.

“It feels really good. Once I get going, I don’t want to stop. It gets the adrenaline pumping,” said Miller. “[When] my teammates keep feeding me the ball, it gives me confidence that they trust me.”

Miller was on the Final Four team from two seasons ago and those memories are still vivid. This year’s team has more to prove but Miller doesn’t mind that. In fact, she welcomes critics with open arms and hopes to silence them during the state playoffs.

“We are trying to get to a place where people think we are not going to go. That’s our biggest drive – making it farther [than people expect],” Miller said.

While Miller has earned a lot of attention, she says the success of the team can’t be attributed to just one person.

“I think the season is more team-oriented. We don’t have any superstars. We play together and we have multiple people who can produce,” said Miller. “The seniors are leaders so I think we are doing a good job of teaching them how to play Mill Creek basketball.”

Miller admitted that she wasn’t as outspoken in the past as she has been this season. She allowed the veterans to lead the way while she let her game do the talking.

“I think my leadership has also grown a lot. I’m more vocal this year than last year,” Miller said.

Miller plans to attend college and would like to continue playing at that level, but before she leaves, she wants to leave her mark in more ways than one.

“I want to leave Mill Creek as a good student and a good athlete,” said Miller.