Artistically speaking, campers enjoy Christmas creations


Malia Bryan adds color to her angel artwork during the Christmas art camp.


More than 30 kids left the Jefferson Recreation Department paint spattered with a new works of art last week.

Tracy Kofke, the woman behind the traveling painting class Canvas Creations, hosted a kids’ Christmas camp Dec. 19 and 20 for students on their winter break.

The camp was offered in four sessions, with two sessions each day. The cost was $30 per session or $55 for the day, and participants had the opportunity to make up to four paintings.

“Last summer I did a camp, and it went so well that I brought it on for Christmas break,” said Kofke.

Paintings included a snowman, gingerbread house, church and angel, each of which, Kofke instructed in a stroke-by-stroke lesson.

“I like that I get to get messy,” said Kofke’s daughter Ella, who was participating in the class.

Hollis Webb said her favorite thing about painting was “how the colors just blend together,” and Rachel Wells likes it “because you get to use a lot of fun colors.”

According to Kofke, many of the kids have taken classes with her before.

Seven-year-old Kellen Salom says he’s completed more than 10 painting under Kofke’s guidance.

“It’s fun because you get to create stuff,” said Salom, who planned to give his paintings to his grandmothers as Christmas gifts.

Kofke says her favorite aspect of her classes is the completed paintings.

“The final product, seeing that, and seeing how excited they get when [the paintings] turn out is the best part,” she said.