Santa gets aboard for ‘Polar Express’ reading night


Emma, Blaine and Jackson Dowdie enjoyed a visit with Santa Claus during the “Polar Express” event. See more scenes below.


“All aboard the Polar Express,” announced the intercom throughout the West Jackson Primary School building on Friday, Dec. 14, as the school hosted a “Polar Express” Reading Night.

As students and parented entered the building, they were greeted by a conductor and given tickets that included a list of classrooms with activities for the holiday-centered night.

Students and parents in their holiday pajamas enjoyed hot cocoa and cookies and visited with Santa before heading to activities in various classrooms. Each room featured story time from a Christmas-themed book and an activity centered on the book.

In Ms. Lanie VanWie’s room, students listened to “Santa’s Reindeer Games,” as they made a reindeer craft including reindeer food.

In Mrs. Cindy Thompson’s room, “The Dream Snow” was read as students made snowy picture crafts.

From ornaments to a holiday-themed headband, students left the school with a variety of crafts, and even a special gift from Santa himself. Each student, after visiting with the man in the red suit, was given a special bell, like the one in the book and movie “The Polar Express.”