County will continue BM&K contract for ongoing projects


The amount of money Jackson County has expended for engineering and consulting services has been a bone of contention with District 4 Commissioner Dwain Smith, however, he made the motion to continue the existing contract prices on ongoing projects.

Although Jackson County plans to terminate its agreement for consulting services with BM&K in order to renegotiate the terms, County Manager Kevin Poe recommended the existing contract be in effect for projects which are under way. Most are expected to be wrapped up next year.

At its Monday meeting, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners agreed for the current rates remain in place with a new agreement for the following projects: Dixon Bridge Road bridge replacement; the West Jackson EMS Station; the Historic Courthouse renovations; the Zion Church Road construction which is near an end; and the Wayne Poultry Road improvements.

The 2012 rates include $89.99 an hour for a project manager; $123.74 an hour for a project manager-design; and lower rates for others including $33.91 an hour for the administrative assistant.

Smith reminded that an esimated $800,000 has already been paid out toward the new EMS stations project.

Commissioner Bruce Yates provided the second to the motion which was unanimously approved.