Holiday entertainment: The Village at Deaton Creek way


From synchronized swimming to holiday tunes such as “Sleigh Ride” to the musical sounds of Singing for Fun and swimming of the VDC Landsharks to the laugh-all-night comedy of “Christmas Belles,” the Village at Deaton Creek is making its own holiday fun for all to enjoy. See the photo gallery below.


Where’s the fun in Christmas without some Southern home-cooked drama? For, that’s exactly what viewers got with this year’s production of “Christmas Belles” at the Village at Deaton Creek.

A cast comprised of Deaton Creek residents filled the house for two straight nights of Nov. 9 and 10 with their production focused on the Futrelle sisters of Fayro, Texas, and the annual Christmas production at “The Tabernacle of the Lamb.” With an Elvis impersonator, making a visit to the manger, hilarity was bound to ensue, including a bout of food poisoning that almost put an end the entire performance.

The production, co-directed by Judy Dienell and Dale Green, is the second part of a trilogy that began last November, and will continue the year after next.

The cast performed for three sold out shows to an audience of almost 150 people each show.

Also, hosting their second annual holiday production were the VDC Synchronettes, the synchronized swimming group of the Village at Deaton Creek.

The group, which has grown from five to 10 members over the last year, held their second annual show, “Kicking Off the Holidays,” Nov. 16 and 17.

The group was joined by the resident signing group Singing for Fun, and the VDC Landsharks, an all-male swimming group from the community.

The highlight of the VDC Landshark’s performance was the laugher evoking dancing to a medley for the “Nutcracker.” The five members of the Landsharks donned antlers and played some reindeer games, including a tail-shaking number, leaving the audience filling the room with laughter.

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VDC Christmas Belles and more

[img src=]1280
[img src=]540
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[img src=]330
Polly Kain, Patsy Price, Raynerd Chisim and Sally Austin
[img src=]380
[img src=]410
Landsharks from the Deaton Creek show: Steve Ember, Mark Gregg, Bob Dienell, Chuck Pierce and Mitch Cohen<br />
[img src=]250
Reggie Shelard and Judy Dienell
[img src=]170
Stan Cheekoway and Ellen Stetler
[img src=]220
Sally Austin lifting Donna Finney during their performance to "Christmas Eve Sarajevo"<br />
[img src=]320
The Synchronettes, who dedicated their performance to Kitty Ruberti who is recovering from a knee injury<br />
[img src=]280
Members of the Synchronettes performing to "A Christmas Cannon"<br />
[img src=]270
The Synchronettes began their performance with "Sleigh Ride"<br />
[img src=]280
Members of the Synchronettes in the Autumn attire for "Sleigh Ride"<br />
[img src=]230
This is part of their performance to "Sleigh Ride"<br />