Goodness can be had at Green Acres Farm Market


Allan Bredig and Ola McNeil operate the farm market and offer specialty products they prepare or acquire from area growers and producers.

If you are looking for something special to highlight your holiday table or to give as a unique and tasty present, a visit to Green Acres Farm Market can fill your shopping basket.

Allan Bredig and Ola McNeil operate the farm market and offer specialty products they prepare or acquire from area growers and producers.

Green Acres specializes in local natural and organic products and food items such as canned goods created and available at Green Acres Farm Market.

“We are the only fresh produce farm market in Jackson County which is open year-round,” said Bredig. He and McNeil have studied nutrition as it related to foods. He is a Georgia native with 38 years of business experience and is associated with Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black‚Äôs Georgia Grown program.

McNeil obtained a culinary arts degree at Johnson & Wales University, and she utilizes her skills to create and perfect products and develop recipes using those products to be shared with customers.

“We want to produce high quality food products and make available both locally and nationally the best natural food products Georgia has to offer,” said Bredig.

McNeil enjoys sharing recipes and health-related information to customers, and that service is what sets Green Acres Farm Market apart from other enterprises.

“We tell people about our products, including where they were grown,” said McNeil. Health and nutrition information is also provided and questions can be answered.

Green Acres Farm Market grew from economic necessity.

“In looking for a new business due to the economic downturn, we began selling items at our home,” said Bredig. With a large garden and a desire to provide a better, fresher food product, they began selling their yield and found tremendous response from local and transient customers.

“As we grew, we found it time to expand into our current building,” said Bredig.

Green Acres Farm Market, which anticipates expanding into the commercial kitchen inside its building, is located at 8865 Highway 53 in Braselton. They plan to expand their own canned offerings and add demonstrations and classes.

Green Acres is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, from noon to 6 p.m. on Wednesday and from, noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

See recipes in the Nov. 22 print edition of The Paper.

Green Acres Farm Market

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Ola McNeil often cooks up a recipe like this Apple Cake for customers to sample. With the recipe in hand, they can then try cooking it up at home with apples they purchase.<br /><br />
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Allan Bredig and Ola McNeil enjoy meeting customers and sharing nutritional hints and recipes as they make available the best produce and products they can provide at Green Acres Farm Market in Braselton.
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Customers can get information and recipes in addition to the best products Green Acres can find.
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Ola McNeil prepares a number of canned items.
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Jams, jellies and more can be purchased at Green Acres Farm Market. Some of the products are made in-house and others, like the Struggleville BBQ Sauce, come from select producers.
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Ola McNeil encourages customers to try one of her recipes to highlight the produce they buy.
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Colorful bell peppers are just one of the fresh vegetable selections available.