A Toast to Braselton raises money for downtown development



A Toast to Braselton found Chateau Elan wines among those showcased at the dinner and auction at the Braselton-Stover House.

By KATIE JUSTICE, kjustice@clickthepaper.com

From Drew Brees and Derek Jeter to Hines Ward and Herschel Walker, the autographed items were in abundance at the “A Toast to Braselton” wine tasting, dinner and auction.

However, auction items weren’t limited to sports memorabilia. Guests could bid on everything from furniture to jewelry with some art in between.

Over a hundred people turned out to the A Toast to Braselton held Nov. 13 at the Braselton-Stover House.

“We actually try to limit the event to 100 people but we’ve sold out and added tables the last two years,” said Braselton Town Manager Jennifer Dees.

Tickets cost $25 with proceeds from the event benefitting the Downtown Development Authority.

“We’re working on the green space project,” said DDA member Cindy Green, who says the green space will “give citizens a place to walk, to sit, to meet each other, to bring their children to play.”

The exactly amount of money raised isn’t final, but Dees estimates it to be “in the $5,000 range,” which she says is consistent with the past two years. According to Dees, in 2010 about $5,300 raised, and in 2011, about $4,800 was made.

The evening began with wine provided by Chateau Élan. Guests had the opportunity to sample an assortment of wines including chardonnay, merlot and a variety of muscadine-based flavors.

The silent auction allowed guests to wander through the selection of items and bid at ease.

“We had items that ranged from home goods to sporting goods to jewelry and experiences like golf lessons from a former Masters champion,” said Green.

Dinner was provided by Cornbread and Caviar catering, and was followed by the announcement of door prize and silent auction winners.

The event culminated with the live auction hosted by Robbie Bettis, who assumed the persona of Hattie, a delightfully witty and not-so-sweet southern lady.

“We older ladies can wear bright red lipstick and not look like we had an adventure with a jam jar,” she said, of the perks of being an older lady.

Assisting Bettis, Kathy Cooper Robinson and Cindy Green walked the items up for auction around the room, so guests could get a better look.

“I think this was the kind of auction where there was something for everybody,” said Green.

The event also included a raffle of a three or four night cruise to the Bahamas. Tickets were $5 each or $6 for 25, with Gordon Telford winning the cruise.

“People seemed to have a really good time and enjoyed themselves,” said Green.

Toast to Braselton

[img src=http://clickthepaper2.com/wp-content/flagallery/toast-to-braselton/thumbs/thumbs_betty-marty.gif]930
Chateau Elan poured win to be tasted at the event.
[img src=http://clickthepaper2.com/wp-content/flagallery/toast-to-braselton/thumbs/thumbs_charm-and-larry-mccall.gif]150
Larry and Charm McCall attended.
[img src=http://clickthepaper2.com/wp-content/flagallery/toast-to-braselton/thumbs/thumbs_dawna-and-james-garcia.gif]160
Dawna and James Garcia attended the Toast to Braselton.
[img src=http://clickthepaper2.com/wp-content/flagallery/toast-to-braselton/thumbs/thumbs_martha-moore-and-lynne-hu.gif]230
Martha Moore and Lynne Hudson were all smiles at the Toast to Braselton.
[img src=http://clickthepaper2.com/wp-content/flagallery/toast-to-braselton/thumbs/thumbs_stricklands-and-more.gif]270
Mike and Mace Strickland, Lem and Cheryl Hayes and Terri Johnson at their table at the Toast to Braselton.
[img src=http://clickthepaper2.com/wp-content/flagallery/toast-to-braselton/thumbs/thumbs_toast-0-008.gif]190
The silent auction items were checked out.
[img src=http://clickthepaper2.com/wp-content/flagallery/toast-to-braselton/thumbs/thumbs_toast-0-010.gif]160
With paddle in hand, this Toast to Braselton-goer checks out the sports memoriabilia.
[img src=http://clickthepaper2.com/wp-content/flagallery/toast-to-braselton/thumbs/thumbs_toast-0-018.gif]100
Jennifer Dees sold tickets for the cruise.
[img src=http://clickthepaper2.com/wp-content/flagallery/toast-to-braselton/thumbs/thumbs_toast-0-021.gif]90
[img src=http://clickthepaper2.com/wp-content/flagallery/toast-to-braselton/thumbs/thumbs_toast-0-041.gif]90
Robbie Bettis handled auctioneer duties. She dressed up as Hattie for the occasion.
[img src=http://clickthepaper2.com/wp-content/flagallery/toast-to-braselton/thumbs/thumbs_toast-0-051.gif]90
Cindy Green holds up a Herschel Walker-signed helmet.
[img src=http://clickthepaper2.com/wp-content/flagallery/toast-to-braselton/thumbs/thumbs_toast-0-063.gif]90
[img src=http://clickthepaper2.com/wp-content/flagallery/toast-to-braselton/thumbs/thumbs_toast-0-064.gif]80
Shane Short served as master of ceremonies again this year with Robbie Bettis, portraying Hattie, as auctioneer.
[img src=http://clickthepaper2.com/wp-content/flagallery/toast-to-braselton/thumbs/thumbs_toast-pat-graham.gif]90
Pat Graham raised a glass at Toast to Braselton.