School system budget on target



The concerted effort to hold the line on spending is paying off for the Jackson County School System.

According to its financial report for October, the Jackson County Board of Education is 33 percent into its budget for the ongoing fiscal year.

“We’re 33 percent into our budget and our expenditures are at 33 percent,” said Jackson County Superintendent Dr. John Green at the Nov. 8 school board work session.

“This is an adjusted budget that showed a 4.5 percent reduction from what we started with,” said Green, who put pen to paper when he came onboard as the new superintendent and worked with staff to develop a sustainable spending plan.

The total budgeted expenditures amount to slightly more than $84 million, and the year-to-date expenditures for the county school system are around $27 million.

“I’m bottom line guy,” said Green. “I’m a math guy, and I like that number. You know we want it to get better but it’s a good number for this point.”

“The thing that we’re most proud of is our budget was based on our intent to keep getting to that balanced side. On the front end, we said that we’re going to cut and we’re going to keep holding the line, and here’s where we held the line and met that reduction,” said Assistant Superintendent for Operational Support Jamie Hitzges.

“It’s great that you’re seeing some of that, the fruits of our labor, so to speak,” said Hitzges.