Mayfield Dairies visitors center reopens


On Nov. 9, the ribbon was cut to celebrate the official reopening of the Mayfield Dairies Visitors Center in Braselton. Scottie Mayfield was on hand for the celebration along with representatives from Dean Foods to help Braselton town officials in marking the occasion. Students from West Jackson Primary School had a major presence. Students from the school were on the first tour when the center opened in 1997.


“It’s like ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ It closed and reopened,” is the way members of Mrs. Corley’s first grade class from West Jackson Primary School described the reopening of the Mayfield Dairy’s Visitors Center.

The visitor center hosted a ribbon cutting and celebratory festivities as part today’s ceremony. The doors reopened to the public at 9 a.m. with a ceremonial ribbon being cut by Braselton Mayor Bill Orr shortly after 10 a.m.

“We’re very excited to reopen our visitor center. We have been a really important part of the community and town of Braselton,” said Scottie Mayfield, who went on to say that he hopes the visitors center will revive it’s role in the community.”

Following the ribbon cutting, several recognizable community members got to go scoop for scoop in an ice cream scooping contest. Participating teams included Braselton Mayor Bill Orr and Councilwoman Peggy Slappey, acting Hoschton Mayor Theresa Kenerly and West Jackson Primary School Principal Linda Bell, Jackson County Sheriff Stan Evans and Sheriff-elect Janis Mangum, and Braselton Councilman Richard Mayberry and Braselton Police Chief Terry Esco.

West Jackson Primary students yelled, “Go, Mrs. Bell” and they also shouted their support for “Nanner,” Chief Esco’s nickname. Bell and Esco went to school together and Esco is a frequent visitor to the school.

As the competition got stiffer, the competitors abandoned their ice cream scoops and began to scoop and mold the cones by hand. Kenerly and Bell were the overall winners.

A milk chugging contest was also held outside and West Jackson Primary students cheered on

Then, Scottie Mayfield led a tour through the dairy, providing insight to upcoming improvements. Soon, videos will be played on televisions throughout the tour.

“You get fairly close with the tour, but you get really close with the video,” said Mayfield, of visitors being able to see the ins and outs of the milk production.

Nicole Karstedt of the Georgia Milk Commission was outside the center with the “Got Milk” trailer, to explain where milk comes from. She also demonstrated the milking process and showed that milking machines aren’t painful.

Lastly, participants in the festivities got to enjoy free Mayfield Ice Cream, which for some was the best part.

See Katie Justice’s photo galleries below and look for more on the reopening in the Nov. 15 print edition of The Paper and also on this website.

Mayfield Visitors Center Katie Justice gallery

[img src=]450
Scottie Mayfield listens as Braselton Mayor Bill Orr shares his pleasure that a plan could be put together that allowed the reopening of the visitors center in Braselton.
[img src=]140
The ribbon was cut at the celebration of the reopening held Nov. 9.
[img src=]220
West Jackson Primary School Principal Linda Bell and Sheriff Stan Evans tackle the ice cream tower competition's next round.
[img src=]170
Flowery Branch sisters Abbie, left, and Josie Webb were at Mayfield with their mother Jesi for the reopening celebration. Ice cream was a special treat.
[img src=]160
Hoschton Mayor Theresa Kenerly and West Jackson Primary Principal Linda Bell work on their tower in the first round of competition.
[img src=]110
Braselton Councilwoman Peggy Slappey and Mayor Bill Orr competed together.
[img src=]120
Precision ice cream scooping was under way during the competition.
[img src=]90
Peggy Slappey's displeasure shows when her ice cream tower collapses.
[img src=]80
Braselton Police Chief Terry Esco and Councilman Richard Mayberry were concentrating their efforts for a win.
[img src=]70
Braselton Police Chief Terry Esco carefully piled on more ice cream as Councilman Richard Mayberry watched.
[img src=]110
Kenerly and Bell at work.
[img src=]100
Jackson County Sheriff-elect Janis Mangum and Sheriff Stan Evans worked their strategy.
[img src=]90
Charlie and Judy Stark enjoyed the rocking chairs on the porch of the visitors center.
[img src=]80
Students from West Jackson Primary School cheered on their principal, Linda Bell. She and Theresa Kenerly would stack a winning ice cream tower.
[img src=]70
Scotti Mayfield took guests on the first tour after the reopening on Nov. 9.
[img src=]80
West Jackson Primary School students sported colorful T-shirts.
[img src=]70
Nicole Karstedt from the Georgia Milk Commission provided a demonstration about milking cows.
[img src=]80
Nicole Karstedt providing a fun, learning environment for children.
[img src=]50
Picnic tables out front provided a great space for visitors to enjoy their ice cream.
[img src=]50
The fWest Jackson Primary School first grade class of Mrs. Johnston posed with Maggie the cow.
[img src=]40
Lylah Deckard tried her hand at milking the cow in the visitors center.
[img src=]40
The Olinger and McHan families were among those visiting on Nov. 9.
[img src=]40
The Tanners brought their grandddaughter to the center.
[img src=]30
Mrs. Tinnell's first grade class from West Jackson Primary enjoyed their outing.