Hawks aim for state title at Carrollton


The Mill Creek High School boys cross country team has one day left to prepare for the state meet and, the region champs still have a bitter taste in their mouth from a year ago where they finished second. Last year’s ending has been running through their minds but, this team will use that as fuel to ignite their passion to compete for the state title.

“Last year’s second place finish was motivation for us to go for the state championship this year,” said Head Coach Andy Christie.

This meet won’t be a walk in the park but, the Hawks are familiar with the course, as they set foot on the same path not too long ago.

“We have run it in previous years and this year in September,” Christie said.

The Hawks will be taking it easy this week to a certain degree; they will practice, but they won’t be running at a high level, as every ounce of energy and fresh legs will be needed to get through a tough meet.

“We are still practicing but very controlled. [We want to make] sure that we are ready to run fast on Saturday,” stated Christie.

Being in a strong mental state and having a lot of stamina are two huge factors in any sport and, Christie noted that both features will be necessary factors in the meet.

 “[It] definitely [takes] both. The boys have to be mentally prepared to tough out [just over three] miles so, when they get physically tired, they can push through it,” Christie said.

Christie feels as though his team is ready and the way they finish will reflect the hard work they’ve put in.

“We feel very prepared. They have worked hard and we hope that no matter what place we get, that we feel satisfied that we gave it our all and ran our hearts out,” said Christie.