Thoughts on playoff picture for local teams


Upon arriving to Hoschton, Ga., I wasn’t fully aware of how much fun high school football could be. I come from a city where football isn’t exactly the most appreciated sport and it’s refreshing to be around a community where everyone takes pride in their respective team.

As the last game of the year approaches, thoughts of the start of the season have been swirling through my mind. I can’t believe the end of the season is already near and, I’ve watched just about every team I cover have some form of ups and down, yet each team is a playoff contender, which makes me extremely happy knowing football will continue midway through November.

Jackson County Comprehensive High School

Before the start of the season I dug up a few stats about the Jackson County football team, and what I found wasn’t too pretty. However, they’ve gone out with the old and in the new, and the new is building a winning tradition within the Panthers’ football program. In a few years, Jackson County may become a place where players expect to win.

Head Coach Benji Harrison brought his offensive expertise to a team that wasn’t known for touchdowns. His days at Flowery Branch High School paid off as Panthers have become a scoring machine.

If the Panthers’ can beat Morgan County, it will mean so much more then seven wins. It will mean a winning season for a group of seniors who probably thought they’d never see that day. It will leave a loud mark that will resonate within the juniors, sophomores, and freshman to uphold what the seniors have left behind. And lastly, it will mean bringing together a community who has stood behind them for the past twenty years.

Jefferson High School

I don’t think this team will ever get tired of winning. I have to be honest; when the Dragons lost to Commerce I was completely shocked. I’d heard that Jefferson had a great team and figured Commerce was absolutely no match for them. However, with all respect to Commerce, I think Jefferson is still the better team and, if the two were to square off again, I think the Dragons would get the better end of things this time around. They are disciplined and are not intimidated by anyone over their size. We know this team is going roll past anyone that even remotely tries to stand in their way.

Mill Creek High School

The Hawks have always been a mid-major in the conference; playoff eligible, division 1-A signees, but haven’t been able to make a lot of noise in the postseason. It’s time for the Hawks to get over the hump and take control of the division. Mill Creek may not be fully loaded with talent, but they put up a good showing against Norcross and at some points of the game against North Gwinnett High School.

The Hawks are already playoff eligible, but the Creek is a team that needs to have home field advantage. They have a rowdy fan base (in particularly the student section) that is always ready to see their team play and, the Hawks will need their supporters behind them in what will be a tough playoff stretch.