Picture your family drug-free for a chance to win an iPad


Mrs. Ellen Flynn, third grade teacher at South Jackson Elementary School, and her students display their mismatched clothes on “Don’t Get Mixed Up in Drugs” day as part of Red Ribbon Week.

While the 27th annual Red Ribbon Week promoting drug awareness may be over at local schools, a contest celebrating being drug free is giving students a chance to win money for their school and an iPad for themselves.

The National Family Partnership has extended its acceptance photo contest entries, until Nov. 9 due to the recent storm hitting the North. Previously, all photo submissions were due Nov. 2.

Parents and students are encouraged to decorate their home, such as their front door, mailbox or fence to depict this year’s theme: “The Best Me Is Drug Free.”

A family photo with the Red Ribbon Week decoration on display can be submitted it by uploading by Nov. 9 to www.redribbon.org/contest or www.facebook.com/RedRibbonWeek.

Winners will be determined by online voting from Nov. 10-24 at www.redribbon.org. Ten winners from regions across the country will receive a prize of $1,000 for their school, and an iPad for them to take home.

For more information, visit: www.redribbon.org/contest.

Red Ribbon Week and the Red Ribbon Week Photo Contest are sponsored by the National Family Partnership. The aim of the Red Ribbon Celebration is drug prevention through spreading awareness and serving as a source of advocacy against drug use.